Thursday, 28 September 2023
WorldArgentinian actress Silvina Luna passed away after plastic surgery

Argentinian actress Silvina Luna passed away after plastic surgery

Argentinian actress, model and TV presenter Silvina Luna (43) died after complications from plastic surgery.

In 2011, the actress underwent surgery to enhance her beauty. However, after the surgery, kidney failure occurred. Silvina Luna continued to undergo treatment for many years.

By Wednesday, the health condition of the actress deteriorated and she was shifted to ventilator. His brother Isquiel Luna was given permission to remove him from the ventilator after his condition did not improve while he was being treated on the ventilator. The death was officially confirmed after this.

Anibal Lotoqui, a cosmetic surgeon, led the treatment of the actress. In 2015, she discovered the effects of cosmetic surgery when she sought treatment for her uneasiness. It is reported that the liquid containing polymethyl methacrylate, banned by the Argentina Drugs and Medical Technology Administration, was applied to the actress’ body.

It is a plastic material used in automobile glass. Surgeon Anibal Lotoki has been sentenced to four years in prison on the complaint filed by four women including the actress.

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