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EntertainmentAsha Shara can't believe she can get back married to her ex-fiancé:...

Asha Shara can’t believe she can get back married to her ex-fiancé: Is he coming back?


Artist Asha Shara ends loneliness. She was married to Fahmi Assegaf, who was her ex-fiancé.

Asha admits that she never thought she would fall in love with Fahmi again. Even though when he met Fahmi Assegaf again, there were still feelings of love in his heart.

“It’s still there, it’s still there. But there was a moment of, ‘Is it time for him again?’ “That means there is nothing in this world anymore,” he said at the Rumpi: No Secret studio, Transmedia, yesterday.



Fahmi Assegaf said that meeting again with Asha Shara had been the path shown by God. It’s also fitting that they are both single.

“When we met again at that time, thank God it was God’s guidance, both were available,” he said.

On that occasion, Asha Shara was asked why she canceled her marriage to Fahmi, even though she was already engaged. Apparently this is related to being prohibited from filming.

“Yes, it’s true (the relationship ended because filming was prohibited). Yes, he was told not to film anymore,” he said.

But now Asha is no longer the person she used to be. She will follow what her husband says.

“Thank God, after we meet again, our soul mate might come back. It will change by itself. Filming is okay, we just pray to become producers,” said Fahmi Assegaf.

Furthermore, Fahmi did not hesitate to praise Asha Shara for changing in a positive direction.

“It’s changed a lot. Her character has changed a lot. She’s a lot more motherly, more religious, Mashallah,” praised Fahmi Assegaf, making Asha Shara blush.

Fahmi Assegaf admitted that after his engagement to Asha Shara ended, he felt heartbroken. It took him a long time to recover that feeling.

“At that time, it was a long time (heartbroken) after getting engaged. After that, it was just a match, Asha went to the left, I went to the right, we met again. Thank God,” he concluded.

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