Thursday, 28 September 2023
SportsAsia Cup 2023: Where to play Ishan Kishan? | leader

Asia Cup 2023: Where to play Ishan Kishan? | leader

New Delhi, News Agency: ‘Asia Cup 2023’ has started. The Indian team has reached Sri Lanka to participate in this tournament. Team India is scheduled to play their first match against Pakistan on September 2. In this match, K. L. Ishan Kishan will play instead of Rahul. However, captain Rohit Sharma is worried about which position to play him.

K. L. Rahul was injured in the ‘IPL’ tournament. After recovering from injury, Rahul was selected in the ‘Asia Cup’ team. However, few hours before the team left for Sri Lanka, coach Dravid informed that Rahul will not play in the first two matches. So captain Rohit Sharma is in trouble. In the first two matches, K. L. Rahul will not play. So it is clear that Ishan Kishan will be seen as a wicketkeeper; But this may spoil the maths of the ‘Playing XI’.

Dharma crisis for Rohit Sharma means inclusion of Ishan Kishan in the ‘playing eleven’ is now mandatory. Although Ishan Kishan has been playing well, he batted strongly on the West Indies tour. However, the question is where Ishan Kishan will bat.

Rahul plays well both at number five and as an opener; But Ishan Kishan has not batted much in the middle order. If he is the opener, it will augur well for Team India.

In such a situation, now the question of who will sacrifice for Ishaan Kishan comes to the fore. Only two players are named in it. Shubman Gill and Virat Kohli. If there is a change in the batting order of Shubman and Virat, the Indian team will face a crisis in the middle order again. Because, Shreyas Iyer is also making a direct comeback after injury in the ‘Asia Cup’.

K. L. Since Rahul is not playing, now the question is who will open with Rohit. Ishan Kishan had an outstanding performance in opening the West Indies tour. Shubman Gill has opened the innings with Rohit for some time in ODIs. In such a situation, Ishan Kishan will open while Shubman Gill will come in to bat at number three.

If Shubman Gill bats at number three, Virat Kohli will have to make a sacrifice and he will come in to bat at number four. However, it is feared that Team India may face trouble due to tampering with Virat’s batting order. In such a situation, it will be known in the match against Pakistan which batting combination the captain Rohit Sharma enters the field with.

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