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WorldAstronomy: Lose yourself in the immensity of the sky

Astronomy: Lose yourself in the immensity of the sky

The world is full of stunning landscapes worthy of being captured on film, but the immersive experience of being alive and enjoying everything around you is also complemented by the beauty of the outdoors, like the stars. These luminous astronomical objects have served as inspiration to create the most beautiful songs or poems, they have served as analogies to express a thousand and one feelings and they have been part of our environment since the years of our existence.

Although it is enough to look at the sky at night and admire them, there are regions in the world where the experience is fascinating. If you like to delve into astronomical and philosophical topics, we invite you to learn a little more about five destinations where you can admire the stars in their maximum splendor.

Atacama Desert, Chile

As if you were in a scene from “Star Wars”, the Atacama Desert in Chile is a unique experience for tourists. According to National Geographic, it stretches from the Pacific to the Andes through a vast expanse of spectacular canyons and reddish and orange rocky peaks. In addition, it contextualizes that it is the driest desert on Earth and that it resembles the surface of Mars so much that NASA itself tested its planetary vehicles there. According to TripAdvisor, the San Pedro de Atacama Desert is widely considered one of the best places in the world for stargazing, guaranteeing the best views of the night sky on a stargazing tour led by a professional astronomer.

Main attractions of the destination

The site offers several places to enjoy the stars, such as the observatory Paniri Caur, Chiu Chiu -in the photo-. half an hour from Antofagasta, there is the milestone that marks the Tropic of Capricorn. He paranal is another observatory located in the commune of taltal in the region of Antofagasta. The Valley of Death in San Pedro de atacama It is another place to admire the stars, as well as the crater Monturaqui in salt flat atacama.

Accommodation options

  • Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa. Camino Sequitor S/N, Ayllu de Yaye, San Pedro de Atacama Chile.
  • The House of Don Tomas. Tocopilla Street S/n, San Pedro de Atacama Chile. Telephone: 0056552851105.

Where and what to eat

  • Ckunza Tilar. Caracoles 400-B3 Next to the Vicente supermarket, San Pedro de Atacama 9250000 Chile. The menu is cuts and comfort food.
  • Inca’s Restaurant San Pedro, Caracoles 169 Local A, San Pedro de Atacama 1410000 Chile. The food served is seafood, as well as a Peruvian and Latin menu.

La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain

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According to data from the website, La Palma is known as “La Isla Bonita”. And due to its imposing height in proportion to its small surface area, it is considered one of the highest islands in the world. The island has high-altitude peaks such as Roque de los Muchachos, a world benchmark in astrophysics, thanks to its modern Observatory, which has one of the most modern and spectacular telescopic facilities on the planet. So it is a great place to see the stars in all their splendor.

It should be noted that this paradisiacal corner was declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, as it has a wide variety of protected natural spaces, and inside it is the Caldera de Taburiente National Park.

In fact, the volcanic lavas, which reach the seafront, have caused the creation of a low and rocky coastline, with small coves wedged between cliffs.

Main attractions of the destination

Among the magical places that this destination has are the Caldera National Park Taburientethe Roque de Los Muchachos Astrophysical Observatory -in the photo-, the San Antonio Volcano Visitor Center, the Los Tilos Waterfall and the Pools of La Fajanaamong others.

lodging options

  • Hacienda San Jorge. Calle Punta de la Arena, 16, 38712 Brena Baja, La Palma Spain.
  • Hacienda De Abajo Hotel. Calle Miguel de Unamuno 11, 38770 Tazacorte, La Palma Spain.

Where and what to eat

  • The Channel Restaurant. Carretera C 830, 38720, San Andrés y Sauces, La Palma Spain. Menu: International, Mediterranean and Spanish.
  • Tasca Catalina. Calle Miramar 27, 38759 El Paso, La Palma Spain. Menu: Mediterranean, Spanish and suitable for vegetarians.

Aoraki Mackenzie, New Zealand

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Picture 1887_warrumbungle-australia-nsw_edited picture

New Zealand is known worldwide for its striking natural formations, worthy of a futuristic movie. In this country there is a unique place that you have to visit, it is Aoraki Mackenzie. In 2012 this area of ​​4,300 km was declared as the International Dark Sky Reserve by the IDA; That is, it is the only dark sky reserve in the southern hemisphere and one of the only 10 in the world. With strictly controlled light pollution and landscapes straight out of a movie, offers a stargazing experience that is second to none, it also highlights that various companies offer personalized tours to see the night and day sky. If you are an admirer of astronomy and you like to appreciate the stars, the constellations and feel the immensity of nature, you have to do this tour as soon as possible.

Main attractions of the destination

You can visit the Mount John Observatory, see the stars from Mount Cook, go to the stellar relaxation of Tekapo Star Gazing and also take a tour of the Pukaki Observatory.

Accommodation options

  • The Chalet Boutique Motel, 14 Pioneer Drive, Lake Tekapo 7945, New Zealand.
  • Aorangi Motel. 26 Denmark Street, Fairlie 7925, New Zealand.

Where and what to eat

  • Old Mountaineers’ Cafe, Bar and Restaurant. 3 Larch Grove Aorkai Mt Cook Village, Mt. Cook Village, Aoraki Mount Cook National Park (Te Wahipounamu) 7946, New Zealand. Menu: New Zealand, European and coffee.
  • The Panorama Restaurant. Terrace Road, Mt. Cook Village, Aoraki Mount Cook National Park (Te Wahipounamu), New Zealand. Menu: New Zealand, European and international.

Warrumbungle National Park, Australia

imagen imagen 1887 warrumbungle australia nsw edited crop1693743529473.jpg 71210540

This place is unprecedented, it is surreal, as if you were in a science fiction film. According to the site, it is the first and only Dark Sky park in Australia that houses, among other secrets, the largest optical telescope in the country. “Spectacular skies without light pollution are guaranteed, making it one of the best places in the world to gaze at the stars and enjoy the astrotourism”. Furthermore, he assures that arriving at this iconic site is part of living the great experience, “because along the way you can feel like an explorer of the cosmos: 3D scale models of the solar system are displayed on the five main roads towards Coonabarabran”, share the website. The place has 73 hectares of publicly accessible land with open and majestic skies, you will experience sensory emotions without a doubt.

Main attractions of the destination

In addition to being amazed by the national park, you can visit the Donna The Astronomer, Siding Spring Observatory, Sandstone Caves and Crystal Kingdom Museum observatories, as well as the center of the city of Coonabarabran.

Accommodation options

  • Acacia Motor Lodge. 10 John St, Coonabarabran, New South Wales 2357, Australia.
  • Country Gardens Motel Coonabarabran. 13 John St, Coonabarabran, New South Wales 2357, Australia.

Where and what to eat

  • Amber Court Restaurant. 512 Oxley Newell Highway, Coonabarabran, New South Wales 2357, Australia. Menu: Australian and suitable for vegetarians.
  • Mint Leaf Cafe. 3/77 John St, Coonabarabran, New South Wales 2357, Australia. Menu: Japanese and Australian.

Pic Du Midi de Bigorre, France

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This region of France is inexplicably wonderful; in fact, it is the most impressive place in the Pyrenees. Its large terraces located at 2,877 meters above sea level offer a unique panorama of the entire Pyrenean chain on one side, and a good part of Occitania on the other.

There is a cable car that takes you to the top, the ride takes about 15 minutes and you can see the amazing sky during the ride. However, the magic comes at nightfall, since it is a great spectacle to appreciate the stars, the constellations and the planets. There are astronomers poised and ready to immerse you in the experience. The sunrises are also unique in the midst of a sea of ​​clouds and a sun that will take your breath away.

Main attractions of the destination

You can watch the sunset Pic du Midithe Bridge in the Sky to appreciate the beauty of the environment as if you were suspended in the air. You can also go to the immersion planetarium installed in the Baillaud Dome -in the photo-. You can also explore the Pic du Midi area on skis, if you are intrepid.

lodging options

  • Hotel Domaine De Ramonjuan, Valla De Lesponne, 65710 Bagnères-de-Bigorre France.
  • Hotel Le Chalet. Quartier Cayres de By, 65710 Sainte-Marie-de-Campan France.

Where and what to eat

  • The Mom. Boulevard pic du midi, 65200 La Mongie France. Menu: French, Italian and grilled.
  • Restaurant bar Le Schuss. Place de la Grenouillere, 65200 La Mongie France. French and European menu, there is bar service.
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