Thursday, 26 May 2022
SportsAtlas: Are the Rojinegros favorites for the title?

Atlas: Are the Rojinegros favorites for the title?

It was speculated that there could be a championitis, but it never came. Injuries, suspensions, game losses, and player sales appeared, but the team never fell. The red and black of the Atlas they got back into the Big party directly and now in the Closure 2022 They are firm candidates to get the title, which would mean the bi-championship.

But why Atlas is favorite to be crowned? There are different factors that help you to bet on the table of The burrow to get the title, his third crown of the mexican soccer. The first of them is the great defense they have, which received only 15 goals in the tournament, an achievement they achieved for the second tournament in a row, since in the opening 2021 it was also the best defense.

In this defensive apparatus, the presence of one of the best goalkeepers of the contest, the Colombian Camilo Vargaswho saves the team on at least two occasions per game; Martin Nervo and Anderson Santamaría they are bastions of Zaga, Emmanuel Aguilera fitted well and Javier Abella and Luis Reyes They maintain an important regularity on the wings.

The youth soccer players have stood up for the squad, and it is that players like the “Bone” Reyes, Jeremy Márquez, Ozziel Herrera, Édgar Zaldívar, Gaddi Aguirre, Brayan Trejo They have thrown the team on their shoulders, when they are required they do it in a good way and have become key pieces in the team of Diego Coca.

The pair of forwards Julian Quinones and Julio Furchbetter known as “juju”, they are currently experiencing a great moment, as happened in the opening 2021, tournament where they were crowned. The Colombian scored six goals, while the Argentine scored five goals, being two of the most dangerous strikers in national football.

Finally the Faithful. The fans helped Atlas got up from an adverse marker in the Final and now, although they have not been present in great numbers in the Closure 2022 by various factors, each foxes they play at home in the Jalisco Stadium they make themselves felt, to the point of generating a push for the team to show character.


  • Best defense of the tournament
  • Best goalkeeper in Mexico
  • Double JuJu in good time
  • Martin Nervo is leader
  • quarry power
  • Good match management
  • Push of the Faithful




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