Friday, 20 May 2022
SportsAtlas: Humility and order, keys to beat Chivas

Atlas: Humility and order, keys to beat Chivas

After the favorable score they achieved after the Ida match of the Quarter finals in it Akron Stadiumthe Atlas red and black They have the slogan of finishing the series this Sunday in eThe Jalisco Stadiumbut to achieve this, they must face the duel against Guadalajara with two key points, humility and order.

And it is that since the arrival of Diego Coca To the institution today champion of Mexican soccer, the Argentine has imprinted order, style and above all humility on the institution, something highlighted by youth squad Luis “Hueso” Reyes.

“The team knows what they play, we have been working for a year and a half, since I came here with that order that the teacher (Diego Cocca) has instilled in us and the team played a great gamewe know that there are still 90 minutes to go, we must continue with that humility and think that this is not over yet”, said the Atlas left back.

Regarding the actions in the Ida match, where Atlas was superior to the rival, even with the opportunity to score a third goal, Luis Reyes explained that such a 2-1 in his favor is an important positive result, but that they should finish the series at home and with the Faithful supporting at all times.

“The ones we had, we put in and the truth is a great advantage, getting a positive result as a visitor was very important, now go to our house next Sunday, with our people, to get this long-awaited pass to the Semifinal”he explained.

Once the match was over, the red and black team remained concentrated in their hotel and very early on Friday morning they traveled by bus to the La Madriguera facilities to carry out light training, especially the elements that had the most activity against the Sacred Flock in the Ida match.




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