Saturday, 21 May 2022
SportsAtlas: Two red and black starters, in doubt for the Clásico Tapatío...

Atlas: Two red and black starters, in doubt for the Clásico Tapatío de Liguilla

The red lights are on The burrowand it is that two of its most important players in the last year, especially for obtaining the title for the good performance in the scheme of Diego Cocaare in doubt to participate in the quarterfinals against Chivas.

It’s about the captain Aldo Rochawho has not been able to fully recover from the tear that afflicts him, so he continues with differentiated work and the red and black club’s medical staff is working hard to have him ready as soon as possible.

The other player who is in doubt to participate before Chivasat least for this game on Thursday in the first leg of the league in it Akron Stadiumis the peruvian Anderson Santamariasince he received a blow to the nose during training last weekend and the coaching and medical staff are attentive to his evolution.

The coaching staff will wait until the last moment to determine if both players can be called up and even participate in the game. Classic Tapatio on Thursday night, but also the problems for Coca will continue to see that their natural substitute to take the place of Santa Maria, Gaddi Aguirreis suspended and can not get hold of it.

The good news for the red and blacks is that Diego Barbosa He received a medical discharge, although his appearance will depend on how he adapts to the group due to the lack of football rhythm, since it must be remembered that the full-back has been inactive since last February due to plantar fasciitis.




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