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SportsAtlas vs Chivas: Clásico Tapatío, duel of scorers in the Liguilla

Atlas vs Chivas: Clásico Tapatío, duel of scorers in the Liguilla

Chivas arrives packed, but Atlas look for the bi-championship. It will be a Classic Tapatio vibrant the one that will be lived in the MX League Quarterfinalswith great scorers from both teams.

The attack of the foxes depends a lot on what they do Julio Furch and Julian Quinones. in chivas, Alexis Vega makes a difference, but the offense doesn’t just depend on what the Mexico City native does.

Offensively speaking, the Sacred Flock looks better than them red and black. Chivas comes from scoring four goals against Cougars in it Repechage and the rojiblancos finished the regular phase with 25 goals, being one of the best four offenses in the Closure 2022.

override at Guadalajara It hasn’t been easy. The rojiblanco team has scored a goal in 17 of its 18 matches in the tournament, where it only left without scoring on Matchday 10 against America.

Atlas For his part, he finished the regular championship with 21 goals and the team has just exploded on offense after scoring five goals in their two most recent games.

The duo ‘Ju-Ju’


Julian Quinones and Julio Furch They are the soul of the red and black attack. When one of them is absent, Atlas he resents it on offense. If things get complicated, one of them always appears as the escape valve that the team requires to get out of the problem.

Both players are hungry for goals. Between the two they scored 52% of the red and black goals in the Closure 2022.

Quinones he is the most unbalanced man and this tournament was dispatched with six goals and two assists; in the meantime, furch is the strength of the team to fight all the balls over the top, and registered five touchdowns and three assists in the regular phase

Alexis Vega and company


Chivas for its part has Alexis Vega the most unbalancing and decisive man in the rival area, but the team’s offense has not depended exclusively on one footballer.

Vega He is so far the top scorer in the Herd in the tournament by adding six annotations and five assists, including his great performance in the duel of Repechage in view of Cougars.

but behind alexis there are five other footballers Guadalajara who have scored at least three goals in this championship. Jesus Angle adds four goals, although he will lose the league for an injury; While items like Angel Zaldívar, Roberto Alvarado, José Juan Macías and Cristian Calderón They have three annotations each.




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