Thursday, 26 May 2022
SportsAtlas vs Chivas: Don't be fooled! Tickets for the Clásico Tapatío...

Atlas vs Chivas: Don’t be fooled! Tickets for the Clásico Tapatío will be digital only

In search of avoiding the resale of passes for the Classic Tapatio this Sunday in Jalisco Stadiumthe directive of Atlas decided to put on sale only and exclusively digital tickets.

It will be like the fans of Chivas and Atlas will be able to buy their tickets to enjoy the game of 2022 Clausura Quarterfinal Second Legduel to be played this Sunday at 6:00 p.m. with some foxes They have a 2-1 lead on aggregate.

Resale has been one of the great evils of Mexican soccer. But with this measure of digital ticketing, in Atlas They seek to combat this prejudice where there are those who make a killing by offering tickets to fans at exorbitant prices.

Last Thursday, in the vicinity of the Akron Stadiumthe authorities seized at least 10 tickets from people trying to resell them for Ida’s duel of the Quarterfinals between Chivas and Atlas.

Now, to access Sunday’s duel at the Jalisco Stadium, fans must identify themselves in the digital sales system and may purchase a maximum of four tickets per person. There will be no ticketing at the box office.




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