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Atlas vs Chivas: Faith intact! Loyal Flock fan trusts comeback against Foxes

They instilled in him the red-and-white tradition from his childhood and Chivas It has been part of his life. Luis Razura, 29 years old, is a faithful fan of Sacred Flock and has faith that his team can overcome the key to Quarter finals against the Atlas Red and Black.

“We have to go win by two goals at Jalisco Stadium. It is not something out of another world, we have done it on other occasions. We continue with the intact faith that the comeback will take place and we can reach the Semifinals”, he commented.

Chivas lost the first leg 2-1 at home against Atlas and now he is bound to win by two or more goals in the Jalisco Stadium. For Luis, the defeats against the red and black they are the most painful.

“Since the previous week you already feel the emotion that you get the hated rival of the city. When the loss comes against this team, ugh how it hurts. And more when it’s league. If you lose, you’re out,” she confessed.

“When the second goal fell from Jeremy Marquez (Ida match), it was a bucket of cold water for those of us who were in the Akron Stadium. No one expected it.”

his hobby to Chivas it is a family heirloom. I have a collection of more than 130 club jerseys. His first visit to the stadium was precisely to experience a Classic Tapatio at three years of age.

“It has become a lifestyle for me. The emotional state of the week depends a lot on what you do Chivas. Personally, defeats against Atlas than against any other team. The comeback looks difficult, but not impossible”, he expressed.

Between 2012 and 2017 he attended all the Flock games as a local. Nowadays he only goes to the stadium when his work as a physiotherapist allows it, a profession where he has been able to meet his idols.

“I am grateful to my profession. At the clinic I have been able to meet in person those whom I previously considered impossible to have so close. A Isaac Brizuela, Antonio Rodriguez, Ramon Morales already my idol Omar BravoI gave up everything to take a picture with him.”


Bravo wears the colors of the Atlas

With 132 goals of Liga MX, Omar Bravo He is the top scorer in the history of Chivasalthough during 2013 he also defended the colors of the Atlas. Despite this situation, Bravo continued to be a great idol for louis razura.

“I remember that in his presentation he had a serious face. He pleased me because she did well in Atlas and returned to the Mexican team at that time. The goals of omar they saved Atlas of descent,” he said.

“As a fan of Chivas and soccer, seeing your idol triumphing, whatever the team, it’s nice. He didn’t bother me, but I did have to put up with a cheek because many told me that he sang a goal for us playing for Atlas and that he kissed the shield”, he commented.




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