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Atlas vs Chivas: This is what Chivas must do to reach the semifinals

More than 10 years ago, the Jalisco Stadium was also his home, but this Sunday, May 15 Chivas you will find in the Colossus of Calzada Independencia an adverse environment. They will visit the stronghold of their greatest rival, needing to win by two goals against a solid champion: Diego Cocca’s Atlas.

In the first leg of the quarterfinals of this Closure 2022, the rojinegros stayed with the victory in the Akron Stadium, beating Chivas 2-1. Now the challenge for those led by Ricardo Cadena is not only to score a goal against the fierce defense of the foxes, but also that they should not receive damage from their lethal strikers Julio Furch and Julián Quiñones.

And it is that the Chivas must be referred to the only two defeats he had at home the Atlas to qualify for the semi-finals. It was on March 2 on day 8 against Pachuca and on date 14 against Mazatlán the only two dates that fell at home. However, both defeats were by just one goal.

Thus, there was only one precedent of a fall by two goals in the entire Atlas tournament: it was on February 25 on date 7 that the red and blacks fell 2-0 on a visit to the Xolos, from then on they only suffered three other defeats by one goal, including the two against Jalisco.

For its part, Chivas only won by two goals on one occasion in the championship, and it was on date 4 against Juárez on the already distant February 9. Chivas will have before him the mission of achieving something that nobody achieved during his visit to Jalisco Stadium. If you want to qualify for the semifinals, you must beat an orderly and effective team by two goals, in what will be a Clásico Tapatío full of intensity on the field. The duel starts at 6:00 p.m.




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