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EntertainmentAuction Results for Babe Cabita's Favorite Vespa

Auction Results for Babe Cabita’s Favorite Vespa


The late comic Babe Cabita’s beloved Vespa has been auctioned off. This was done by his wife, Fati Indraloka.

There is a reason why he did it. Fati has a noble goal by auctioning Babe Cabita’s Vespa.

She wants the proceeds from the sale to be used as a charity for her late husband.



“The hope is that it will be a source of charity or good deeds that will continue to flow until the building provides worship and learning. That may be my last gift,” he said when met in the Cikarang area, Bekasi, recently.

Babe Cabita’s Vespa auction money will be distributed to two places. There is the construction of the Al-Bayan Al-Islami Islamic Boarding School in Deli Serdang and the Al-Muwwahidin Mosque in Medan.

He also provided information regarding the results of the auction. On her Instagram, Fati explained that her husband’s favorite Vespa was sold for IDR 212 million.

Babe Cabita’s Favorite Vespa is Auctioned Photo: Instagram fatiyw

The proceeds from this money have been distributed to mosques and Islamic boarding schools.

“The Vespa has also been sent and received by its new owner. And we have also given the proceeds from the auction to representatives of the Al-Muwwahidin Mosque in Medan and the construction of the Al-Bayan Al-Islami Islamic boarding school in Deli Serdang through the foundation’s creative alms Ustadz Khalid Basalamah,” wrote Fati on his Instagram seen by detikcom, Tuesday (14/5/2024).

Fati did not forget to express her gratitude for the public’s attention to Babe Cabita.

“May Allah have mercy on accepting the good things we have done and making rewards and good deeds for Rahimahullah my husband (babe cabita) Jazakumullah Khairan Katsiran Barakallahu Fiikum,” he explained again.

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