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Aura Kasih’s Memorable First Love Story


Artist Aura Kasih flashbacks to the story of first love. The singer of Mari Bercinta said this happened when he was in junior high school (Junior High School).

Aura Kasih said that her first boyfriend was a man who was highly sought after by many people. The film star of the Devil’s House admitted that he was lucky to be this man’s lover.

“Essentially, my boyfriend is the most wanted at my school, so he’s the most wanted, so a lot of girls are jealous of that girl,” he said when met at the Trans TV Studio, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta, yesterday.



“He and I went to different schools, and then it seemed like we were dating, so handsome, it was really funny, actually. I was like a nerd, my hair looked like a bun, and then I became like a bit of an introvert,” he continued.

Aura Kasih had been in love with her first love for more than two years. The mother of one child has many memories.

“School, I was picked up after school and that was all. When I used to live in Bandung, I motorbiked to Lembang to eat roasted corn and I was home at 8 pm,” he said.

“Then in the old days it was a photo box,” he added.

Aura Kasih even dated long distance. But in the end, it was because of this that he had to feel like he had fallen out of love.

“Then I moved to another city and was still in a relationship, after that it seemed complicated. So the LDR ended and the phone calls could last for two hours, like in the past, sometimes he would call at my house at the cafe, like hanging out and being tapped by people queuing like that. I mean, we’re done. “Our pocket money is for telephone calls,” he said.

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