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WorldAustrians fall in love with a sparsely populated Spanish island

Austrians fall in love with a sparsely populated Spanish island

The Mediterranean Sea has become one of the holiday destinations par excellence of citizens from many parts of the world, including central Europe.

An interest of foreign tourism in the French, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Algerian coastal areas that makes them an important enclave for European tourism.

But there is a Spanish island that has a small population that has attracted a lot of attention in Austria and the press there, OE24has dedicated an extensive article to recommending your visit.

It’s about the Cabrera Island, located south of the island of Mallorca. Due to its position, off the northern coast of Sardinia and very close to Corsica, its nature reserve stands out.

The Austrian media highlights that it has turquoise and crystalline beaches that are wonderful and that do not have as many people as its neighboring islands.

“It has nothing to envy of the other Balearic Islands, because it is part of a national park and its visit is subject to strict regulations. A maximum of 50 tourists can enter the national park and dock at the port of Cabrera every day,” they detail.

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