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TechAwesome Photo, Looks Ghostly But Turns Out...

Awesome Photo, Looks Ghostly But Turns Out…


At first glance, this photo is mysterious, like a ghost image or something. However, this is not a right-brain or left-brain guesswork image, but a photograph Stargazer fish which creates the illusion of a ghostly face.

This photo was taken by an Italian photographer, Pietro Formis, who has captured many moments of sea dwellers. “To me, it looks like a Voodoo mask or a human face and the Stargazer fish is the species I like the most. The species has a face like a human, with big eyes and mouth,” he said.

He even submitted the photo to take part in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, which he doesn’t usually do. He didn’t expect to get so many compliments where the photo was in the ‘highly praised’ category.

“I’m so happy that I’m counting the days of the ceremony. I think I will see a lot of my colleagues. They are my heroes and great photographers. I can’t describe how happy I am,” Formis said as quoted by BBC News.

The Stargazer fish itself, or with the Latin name Uranoscopidae, is a unique fish because its eyes are located higher than fish in general.

Apart from that, to prey on potential food, this fish will hide under the sand while leaving its eyes and nose to stick out. This is the reason why Formis was able to get this highly praised photo.

He also claimed that by using a concentrated flash, slow shutter speed, and deliberate movements, he managed to photograph an illuminated Stargazer Fish in clear blue water.

“For me, it’s like a waterfall behind which you will see a scary face. I took several different pictures, but this one I chose,” he said.

Meanwhile, the winner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition will be announced at an awards ceremony on 10 October. Meanwhile, 100 selected photos from thousands of competitors will be displayed at the Natural History Museum’s annual exhibition on October 13.

*This article was written by Khalisha Fitri, a participant in the Merdeka Campus Certified Internship Program at detikcom.

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