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Ayuso proposes that the company that served rotten food control the feeding of five residences in Madrid

The government of Isabel Diaz Ayuso ignores the complaints against the rotten food in the residences and once again proposes to the company that distributed it, Femar SL Platform. After the fall of the contracts in force this Tuesday, the company appealed to the bankruptcy Madrid’s community to distribute food to residences. Finally, Femar has won the appeal and is expected to once again offer service in the residences of Peace, San Fernando de Henares, Handbags, Arganda del Rey and the Francisco de Vitoriain Alcalá de Henares.

One of the standards to be evaluated in the contest is the distance between the company’s warehouses and residences. Currently, this parameter is located at less than 50 kilometers. Femar exceeds this figure and, therefore, was out of the contest. However, The company filed an appeal before the contracting court in which he alleged that the standard did not specify the distance specifications, that is, that the 50 kilometers referred to can be done through the countryside, for example. Finally, the court has ruled in favor of Femar.

Juliadaughter of a resident of the residence Francisco de Vitoria (Alcala de Henares), regrets the result and explains to Public that, despite repeated complaints, no one checks the state of the food weekends. “When a product is served raw it is because it is poorly cooked,” she declares. Julia reports that the food is frozen. “And even with all these tests, we return to Femar.”

Spinach with mushrooms menu at the Francisco de Vitoria residence. Workers at the Francisco de Vitoria residence. / Public

Femar has been reported for distributing rotten sausage, fish with bones for three-year-old children and elderly people with dysphagia, as well as for the limited quantities available. Deficiencies that, families explain, have caused malnutrition problems among residents.

Complaints since September 2021

Since September 2021, the Femar Platform has been publicly denounced by residents, workers and family members for the poor condition in which the food they consume in Madrid residences arrives. The company has been accused on several occasions of serving spoiled food to 22 children’s homes in the community, where they live between 600 and 800 minors.

Femar has even been rated negatively on several occasions by Chemicralthe nutritional safety consultant hired by the autonomous Administration itself to inspect its operation, as announced Public.

The Ministry of Social Affairs He already assured last summer that “there would be a new contract with more investment in March.” The contract signed between the Community and Femar, which came into force in September 2022, did not consider any score for the quality of the meals or the quality of the service, but rather focused on lower costswith seven points out of ten focused on lower prices.

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