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WorldAyuso wonders on 8M "when is Men's Day"

Ayuso wonders on 8M “when is Men’s Day”

Isabel Díaz Ayuso, president of the Madrid’s communityit was raised this Friday when “Men’s Day” is celebrated during an institutional event organized by its own Government for the Women’s Day.

“I don’t know when it is Men’s Day to talk about all this, I believe that it is not necessary and that the valuable thing is to work every day, not to compensate for the statistics and make us all equal there, but so that there are fewer men and fewer women who are victims,” ​​he added.

The Madrid president has also criticized the “feminist revolution“, which in their eyes “replaced” original feminism and “orchestrated the attack on men, the family, mothers and motherhood.”

The event took place in the Royal Post Officewhere the recognitions were presented on the occasion of the International Women’s Day. Ayuso had not chaired this event for two years.

The president of the Government Pedro Sanchez He reminded the regional leader that if he is president it is “thanks to the struggle of women.” The socialist has declared at a press conference since La Moneda Palacein Chile, where he is as part of an official visit.

“If President Ayuso is president of the Community of Madrid it is also as a consequence of the struggle of many women who even lost their lives to empower women and demand real and effective equality between men and women in all areas, also in the political sphere,” Sánchez detailed.

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