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Beatriz Paredes rules out that the PRI “plays crooked” on her: “Treason is a strong word”

Beatriz Paredes, a candidate for the Broad Front for Mexico, ruled out this Tuesday, August 29, that the PRI and its national leader, Alejandro Moreno, betray her so that she gets off the contest for the presidency of Mexico.

When questioned in an interview by Óscar Mario Beteta about whether the PRI could “play crooked” on it, Paredes explained that Mexican politics is going through difficult times, but this does not mean that her party betrays her.

Treason is a very strong wordI am not a person who uses adjectives with that characteristic. No, I believe that Mexican politics is in very complex moments, that the least we should generate in this circumstance is anything that deteriorates an effort that we have made, ”he said.

For this reason, the PRI said that it is waiting for the official results that the polling houses of the Internal Committee of the Broad Front for Mexico and until then he will make a decision.

“If the polls, if the opinion polls are favorable to me, obviously I will insist that the process continue. If they are not, then it is a matter that we will have to assess with the party, ”he added.

He also stressed that the process has been transparent and doubts that at some point the contest for the opposition candidacy was a farce: “I don’t think we all went in the frame of a miragewe participated in a process that has characteristics that customs had and in my case we have reached this moment”.

Regarding the statements that ‘Alito’ Moreno released this Monday in which he recognized that Xóchitl Gálvez had a very pronounced advantage over Paredes, the PRI militant justified it and assured that it was a ‘boat soon’ statement.

“We have been talking at all times, yesterday’s statement was in the context of an interview that they were doing quickly and well, this is the media world of interviews… pbut we have been talking”, he added.

‘Alito’ Moreno clarifies the situation with Beatriz Paredes

Alejandro ‘Alito’ Moreno, national president of the PRI, acknowledged this Tuesday that the polls do not favor his PRI candidate Beatriz Paredes, but, he clarified, he did not He asked to decline for Xóchitl Gálvez.

In an interview, ‘Alito’ Moreno said that his party will wait for the results of the survey that will announce who will be the official candidate of the Broad Front for Mexico: “We will wait for the results and what is being presented in the surveys and in the measurements that are doing the Organizing Committee”.

However, he admitted that currently Gálvez has a ‘big’ advantage over Paredes: “The measurements show, without a doubt, Xóchitl with an advantage over Beatriz and what we have to do is build together, respect everyone”.

On the alleged decline of Beatriz in favor of Xóchitl, ‘Alito’ He explained that the party has always been respectful of its militants and would not ask him to decline in favor of any candidate… but, he said, the PRI will make its decision.

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