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WorldBetween praise and threats

Between praise and threats

On Thursday’s front page of The Moscow Times there appears a photograph taken at the Geneva Summit in 2021, where Presidents Vladimir Putin of Russia and Joe Biden of the United States are seen face-to-face and very smiling; and the main headline reads: “Putin says he prefers a more “predictable” Biden than Trump.” The Russian president considers that “Biden has more experience… he is an old-school politician,” but that he is prepared to work with whoever wins the elections next November.

For Donald Trump’s ego, this statement must have come as a “kick to the liver”, when just last Saturday he warned that if he is re-elected, he would encourage Russia to do “whatever it wants” with any NATO member country. that does not meet defense spending guidelines. “Everyone has to pay,” Trump said in South Carolina. The former president’s words caused a strong stir among all NATO members, mainly with Joe Biden, who described them as “dangerous” and adding that “no other president in history has bowed to a Russian dictator. Let me say this very clearly. For God’s sake, he’s stupid, he’s embarrassing, he’s dangerous, he’s un-American.” And Trump must have been more surprised, when Biden openly threatened that “if Putin attacks a NATO ally, the United States will defend every inch of the territory” of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance.

In the same interview that he gave for Russian television, Putin defended the physical conditions of Joe Biden, of whom he noted that “When I met Mr. Biden three years ago, it is true that there was already talk of his disabilities, but I did not see anything similar.” , indicated the Moscow president. “What we have to examine and see fundamentally is the political position,” Putin added. And of course Trump must not be pleased with this position either, since in his public appearances he frequently imitates Biden in an exaggerated and caricatured manner, mocking his age, as reported in an article in The New York Times last 1 November: “With his eyelids drooping and his mouth open, Trump stutters and babbles, He squints. He waves his arms at him. He shuffles his feet and wanders around the stage. The crowd erupted in laughter and applause as Trump feigned confusion, turning and pointing at unseen supporters, as if he didn’t realize he was turning his back on them.

And while Putin talks about being willing to work with whoever takes over the presidency of the United States next January, the White House on Wednesday briefed Congress and its allies in Europe on Russian progress on a new space nuclear weapon designed to threaten the extensive US satellite network, which would cause damage to civil communications, space surveillance and military command operations, which would further “stretch” relations between Moscow and Washington.

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