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Biden said that if the hostages are released, there will be a ceasefire tomorrow

Washington: US President Joe Biden said that a ceasefire in Gaza would be possible tomorrow if all 128 hostages were released by Hamas. “Hamas should decide. “If they want to do that, we can start the ceasefire tomorrow,” Biden said. However, Biden has not said anything about releasing tens of thousands of Palestinians, including women and children, imprisoned by Israel. Reports surfaced yesterday that they are being subjected to inhumane attacks in Israeli prisons.

Hamas is proposing the release of all Palestinians who have been unjustly imprisoned by Israel for years and Israel’s complete withdrawal from Gaza. Hamas also wants the blockade on Gaza to be lifted. Hamas has announced that it will release the hostages after accepting the proposals that emerged in the mediation talks held in Cairo. However, Biden, who remained silent about all this matter, only promises a ceasefire if the hostages are released. This, on the other hand, is something that Hamas has rejected in the first instance.

Meanwhile, arms exports to Israel will continue, according to the US State Department’s report to the US Congress. The report says that weapons supplied to Israel come after admitting that civilians have been massacred in Gaza, and that no specific incidents have been found to stop the arms exports, and therefore they will continue.

The report alleges that US-supplied weapons were used in violation of international human rights laws. However, it is fair to say that in no case was it clearly established that US weapons were the ones responsible for the civilian casualties. The other day, US President Biden also accused Israel of misusing its weapons on civilians. In anticipation of this, Biden said that the export of weapons to Israel has been suspended once and that further restrictions will be imposed in the future. Yesterday, the US blocked the shipment of 3,500 deadly bombs.

Hamas took 252 hostages. Of these, 128 people are believed to be alive and well in Gaza. Hamas confirmed that several hostages were killed in the Israeli attack. Israeli intelligence says 36 people were killed. Hamas handed over 105 civilians during a week-long ceasefire in the last week of November. Before that, all four hostages were released. Israeli forces recovered the bodies of 12 hostages, including those shot dead, and freed three hostages.

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