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Biden wants to build a temporary port in Gaza to send humanitarian aid that Israel blocks

The president of the United States, Joe Biden, will announce the creation of a temporary port on the coast of Gaza to send humanitarian aid by sea to the Palestinian enclave devastated by the Israeli offensive. He will do so during his State of the Union address this Thursday night, according to the American media.

At the moment no further details have been released, but, according to sources cited by the Associated Press, the action of US troops on the ground will not be required to build the dock that will allow shipments of food, medicine and other essential items. Construction is expected to last several weeks and will be done with the help of other countries in the region, the Biden Administration announced to reporters. It is still unknown if Israel will be one of the countries involved.

The plan is known after the US completed its first airdrop of humanitarian aid in the Palestinian enclave last weekend, but United Nations agencies maintain that these types of operations are a last resort and will not prevent famine. while they demand entry points to the north to be able to deliver food.

In Gaza, the situation is especially extreme in the north, where children suffer serious levels of malnutrition and are already dying from diseases related to hunger, which has already reached catastrophic levels, as warned by the UN, which insistently calls for an end to the fire to avoid widespread famine.

Aid deliveries to the Palestinian enclave have plummeted, with very little reaching northern areas, as significant difficulties persist in getting supplies through the south, both through the Kerem Shalom (with Israel) and Rafah crossings. (with Egypt). Before the war, 500 trucks entered Gaza daily. During February, only an average of almost 97 trucks were able to enter each day, compared to about 150 a day in January, according to the United Nations agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA.

In addition to Israeli restrictions, aid deliveries face the insecurity created by five months of war, the death of several Palestinian police officers, the poor state of the roads and the desperation of hungry people who board the convoys.

Attempts to distribute aid have suffered numerous setbacks. For example, last Tuesday, a 14-truck food convoy from the World Food Program heading north was turned away by Israeli forces after a three-hour wait at a checkpoint.

Vote to punish Biden

The new measure comes at a time when the stance on The Gaza war is costing Biden dearly at the polls. The protest vote of young people and the Arab community was heard in the Michigan and Minnesota primaries, where it reached 13% and 20%, respectively. In the total delegate count, there are already 20 “non-preference” delegates who will have the right to vote at the Democratic convention in August.

Arabs and young people were key groups for Biden to become president in 2020 and the discomfort of these groups over relations with Tel Aviv do not bode well for November. In the midst of the climate of pressure over the role of the United States, an ally of Israel, in the conflict, Vice President Kamala Harris called for a ceasefire last Sunday, March 3, raising the tone against Israel. According to Gaza authorities, the Israeli offensive has claimed more than 30,000 lives since October 7, when some 1,200 were killed in Hamas attacks.

The State of the Union address is the most important address of the year. Eight months before the elections, Biden will take the opportunity to take advantage of the policies promoted and the involvement of the United States in the Palestinian conflict will be one of the hot topics.

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