Thursday, 22 February 2024
WorldBlizzard; 1000 tourists stuck in Beijing

Blizzard; 1000 tourists stuck in Beijing

Beijing: 1,000 tourists stranded at remote holiday village in Beijing Tourists were trapped by high snowfall and weather changes in China’s northwestern Xinjiang region. In some areas it is snowing continuously. Road access to the village of Hemu, near the border of Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia, where tourists have been stranded, had been cut off by the avalanche for several days.

Rescue operations and distribution of other essential items are difficult as the weather changes rapidly in the mountainous region. Rocks, debris and tree branches mixed in with the snow further complicate rescue and snow removal operations. However, plans to step up rescue operations have already begun. Some have been airlifted to safety by helicopter.

The highway management authorities of Altai stated that 53 personnel and 31 sets of machines and equipment have been sent for rescue and relief operations.

“We have seen such heavy snowfall before. But we have never seen such high avalanches. Snow has reached up to seven meters in some areas. In many places the snow is higher than the equipment’. Zhao Jinsheng, head of the Highway Management Bureau, said. Zhao informed that the snow removal work to restore the access to Hemu village will continue for some time due to heavy snowfall.

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