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Bordeaux Bègles – La Rochelle: bad operation for the Rochelais, stunned in Chaban-Delmas!

The shock kept all its promises! UBB scored six tries against La Rochelle to win brilliantly (34-14). Bad operation for the Rochelais who remain under pressure from the contenders for the Top 6 while Bordeaux-Bègles gets back on the podium.

23:30 – A complicated schedule

END OF LIVE! If Bordeaux-Bègles will have a perilous trip to Paris during the next day, the UBB has taken a big step towards the final phase this evening. For its part, the race for the Top 6 seems complicated for La Rochelle. Sixth in the Top 14, Ronan O’Gara’s players will host the Section Paloise before traveling to Toulouse and welcoming Racing 92 during the last day.

23:25 – The match summary

The shock kept all its promises! In a balanced poster with oppositions of styles, the Union Bordeaux-Bègles emerged victorious. Following a very balanced start to the match marked by the exit of Ben Tameifuna for concussion protocol, Ugo Boniface broke the deadlock with a powerful try. The start of an ultimately one-sided match. Five minutes later, Yoram Moefana is ideally served by Damian Penaud, author of a great breakthrough (12-0, 27th). Thomas Berjon sounds the revolt after an interception by Dillyn Leyds but the UBB winger takes advantage of a play to knock out the La Rochelle opponent. After a scratch in his five meters from Tameifuna, the winger raises with his hand and finds Jalibert who gives it back to him. The ball finally reaches Moefana and Bielle-Biarrey who scores another try from the break before the break (19-7, 40th).

When we return from the locker room, the music is the same at Chaban-Delmas. Tatafu flattened strongly before being followed by Lamothe (29-7, 50th). At the hour mark, the Bordelais recovered and Jalibert sent a kick straight ahead. If Alldritt cannot run, Penaud beats him into the goal to score Bordeaux’s sixth and final try. In passing, Jalibert pushes Alldritt on the head, which earns him a reprimand from his teammate in the French XV. In the end, Hastoy scored the desperation try for La Rochelle. With this heavy defeat, the visitors leave without a point from a complicated trip. The end of the season promises to be tense for Ronan O’Gara’s players.

23:20 – A prolific match

Bordeaux’s efficiency hurt La Rochelle. Yannick Bru’s players scored six tries. The last time that the Rochelais had conceded so many points in the Top 14 was on November 26, 2023 against Racing 92.

23:15 – Update on the ranking

After this shock and the offensive bonus pocketed by Bordeaux, here is the ranking of the Top 14 with the rise of UBB on the podium:

  1. Stade Français: 67 points
  2. Stade Toulousain: 65 points
  3. Bordeaux-Bègles: 63 points
  4. RC Toulon: 59 points
  5. Racing 92: 57 points
  6. La Rochelle: 56 points
  7. Paloise section: 55 points
  8. Castres: 54 points
  9. Perpignan: 53 points
  10. Clermont: 51 points
  11. Bayonne: 48 points
  12. Lyon OR: 47 points
  13. Montpellier: 40 points
  14. Oyonnax: 30 points

23:10 – End of series

By winning this evening at home against La Rochelle, Union Bordeaux-Bègles puts an end to the bad series against its nemesis. Indeed, UBB had not won at home against Rochelais since December 22, 2019.

23:05 – Jalibert “A move not to be made”

After the successful performance of the UBB, Matthieu Jalibert returned to his controversial gesture against Grégory Alldritt during a test. : “I just leaned on Greg (Alldritt). I respect him as a player and I went to apologize. But it’s a gesture not to do.”

22:58 – Demonstration in Chaban-Delmas (34-14)

Successful victory for the Bordeaux team at home this evening. UBB scored six tries to defeat the Rochelais (34-14), imprecise from kick-off to the final whistle.

22:54 – Concern for Depoortere

Three minutes from the end, Nicolas Depoortere is replaced by Matthieu Jalibert. The center is affected in the leg.

22:49 – Forward

After a mistake from La Rochelle, Lesgourgues plays quickly but he ultimately commits a hand fault during contact. Scrum for Baptiste Brunet in his 22 meters with seven minutes remaining.

22:47 – Hastoy has not said his last word (34-14, 67th)

In the Bordeaux 22 meters, Antoine Hastoy breaks a tackle and will score a second try for La Rochelle. The test of despair.

22:41 – Alldritt out

After the sixth try, Grégory Alldritt was replaced. Earlier, Romain Buros gave way to Pablo Uberti.

22:37 – The cap test (34-7, 60th)

After a Bordeaux scratch, Matthieu Jalibert plays quickly and sends a kick straight ahead. Injured, Grégory Alldritt cannot run, but Damian Penaud saw everything and flattened himself in front of the La Rochelle captain. Lucu misses the transformation once again. After the test, Alldritt attacked Jalibert.

22:31 – New 50:22

For the second time in the match, Romain Buros found an excellent 50:22.

22:28 – Danty comes out

Hit in the right shoulder on contact, Jonathan Danty is forced to give up his place to Tanga Mangene. Earlier, Guido Petti took Coleman’s place, for his 50th match in UBB colors. Samu replaced Vergnes Taillefer.

22:24 – New try (29-7, 51st)

The match turns into a correction at Chaban-Delmas! The Bordelais pass the ball faster, come out of the rucks faster and the score is proof of it. After another outing in the 22 meters of La Rochelle, Lamothe flattened with force. Lucu misses the transformation once again.

22:21 – Match interrupted

Touched, Will Skelton underwent some treatment while the game resumed with a scrum for Bordeaux.

22:20 – The public responds

After an effective counter-ruck and a ball recovered after a poor release from Nowell, the Chaban-Delmas public exulted.

22:19 – Thomas is out

Not at all inspired this evening, Teddy Thomas gives way to Jack Nowell.

22:16 – Berjon returns

Released for concussion protocol, Thomas Berjon returned to the field after Tatafu’s test.

22:14 – A powerful try (24-7, 43rd)

For Bordeaux’s first offensive in the second half, Tatafu was served. Launched at full speed, the third line resists the tackle of Teddy Thomas to score the fourth try for the locals. Second failure for Lucu.

22:13 – UBB in the opposing 22 meters

Jalibert finds a nice touch in the opposing 22 meters.

22:13 – The precious hands of Tameifuna

For the second time in the match, Ben Tameifuna managed to grab a ball from the opponent’s hands.

22:12 – Here we go again!

Antoine Hastoy kicks off the second act.

9:55 p.m. – Halftime (19-7)

At the end of a first half which kept all its promises, Union Bordeaux-Bègles made the break by scoring three tries (19-7)/

21:54 – What a counter try! (19-7, 39th)

After a La Rochelle offensive within five meters of Bordeaux, Mathieu Raynal whistles a foul from the visitors and Damian Penaud quickly restarts. On the other hand, he finds Matthieu Jalibert who gives him back. The ball reaches Moefana who serves Bielle-Biarrey. Despite the return of Teddy Thomas, the winger scored the locals’ third try. Lucu transforms.


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