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Bridges 2023: Why is the holiday on September 16 not moved to Monday?

According to the Federal Labor Law, in Mexico, September 16 is a mandatory rest day, but in 2023 it will go unnoticed by workers and students because it falls on a Saturdayso there is no “bridge” to prolong the rest.

For years now, The holidays were adjusted so that the rest was transferred to the nearest Monday and thus be able to enjoy a “bridge” to avoid school absenteeism.

But despite this provision, there were days that are not subject to this rule: New Year, Labor Day, September 16 and Christmas rest on the day they fall, regardless of whether it is on a weekend or not.

Those that do run are on February 5, March 21 and November 20; that commemorate the Anniversary of the Constitution of 1917, the birth of Benito Juárez and the Mexican Revolution, respectively.

So No, there will be no long weekend and next September 16th will be celebrated on a Saturday.

Furthermore, the school calendar of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) indicates that on Friday, September 15the night of the traditional “Grito de Dolores”, It will be a regular day, that is, there will be classesso there is no reason for students to be absent from classrooms.

But, although September does not have a “bridge” for National Independence Day, it will not go blank in terms of long weekends, since Girls and boys will not attend classes on Friday the 29th, because it corresponds to the School Technical Council.

Do you work on September 16? They have to pay you for this

If your company makes you work on September 16, it is important that you remember that, by doing so, you should receive triple compensation.

That is to say, For example, if an employee earns 300 pesos a day, they must receive a total of 900 pesos for working on Mexican Independence Day.

These are the “bridges” that will be in the 2023-2024 school calendar

November 2023 Monday the 20th, without classes, for the Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution
February 2024 Monday 5, without classes, for the Commemoration of the Promulgation of the Constitution of 1917
March 2024 Monday the 18th, without classes, for the Anniversary of the Birth of Benito Juárez

Vacation periods

First vacation period Starts December 18, 2023 and ends January 5, 2024
Second vacation period Starts on March 25 and ends on April 5, 2024



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