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Britain: Salary of 1.5 lakh health workers will increase, British government took the decision

London. The British government said on Sunday that about one lakh 50 thousand doctors of the country’s National Health Service (NHS) will get an increase in their salary from this month as part of the action to end the strike. In a statement issued here today, the government has accepted the recommendations of the Independent Review Body (DDRB) on the remuneration of doctors and dentists and from this month around 1.5 lakh doctors of the National Health Service will start getting enhanced salaries. Will be done.

The government informed that doctors in the first year of training will get 10.3 per cent salary hike, average junior doctors 8.8 per cent and medical consultants six per cent. This wage increase balances the need to keep inflation under control while giving significant wage increases to employees, the statement said. Some employees will also benefit from salary increases as well as pay increases from performance pay, overtime, pay advancement and promotions.

In July, the British Medical Association rejected the government’s offer of a six per cent pay rise, saying it was not enough as consultant doctors have seen their real pay fall by 35 per cent over the past 14 years. Britain is facing record high inflation and a massive wave of strikes from the collapse of supply chains due to Brexit, the COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine conflict. Those going on strike include employees of railways, airports, postal services and law firms. Health workers have also been on strike for several months, adding to the pressure on the country’s healthcare system.

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