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WorldBurkina Faso: At least one quarantine of "terrorists" neutralized in the north-west

Burkina Faso: At least one quarantine of “terrorists” neutralized in the north-west

AA / Ouagadougou / Dramane Traoré

At least a quarantine of “terrorists” has been neutralized and the material recovered, fired from mid-afternoon by the Burkinabé weapon, near Barakuy in the province of Kossi, in the north-west of Burkina Faso. , announced the Burkina Faso (AIB).

The AIB recommends that the Rapid Action, Surveillance and Intervention Unit of the Barani Sahel (GARSI) in the Boucle du Mouhoun region neutralize the quarantine of “terrorists” by ostracizing an embassy to Barakuy .

It is in this region that the civilian prison of Nouna’s town is the target of an attack in the size of a dungeon, sucked by prisoners on which it has been released by unidentified armed men, according to the authorities .

Since 2015, more than a dozen Burkina Faso-based terrorist attacks have resulted in more than 2,000 civilian and military deaths and more than 1.8 million internally displaced persons, according to the authorities.

Lundi, the Minister in charge of Education announced that as of April 30, 2022, the number of farm establishments for the cause of terrorism has passed from 3 664 to 4 148 with a house of 484 educational structures.

These closures affect 16.52% of the educational structures of Burkina Faso against 14.60% by March 2022, depending on the source.

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