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WorldBusinesswomen promote salary improvements for female workers

Businesswomen promote salary improvements for female workers

With the aim of reducing the wage gap between women and men, businesswomen promote wage improvements for female workers from business organizations.

Paulina Patlán, president of the Coordinating Council of Young Entrepreneurs of Jalisco, (CCJEJ) He explained that they are working with legislators to reduce the wage gap.

“It is still 30 percent according to statistics that women earn less in similar jobs than men and we are working on it. It is part of the gender agenda that is being promoted by the industrial sector and by young entrepreneurs and we are going to continue working with our legislators and our deputies to create these public policies to increasingly close these differences in the salary issue, in addition to the issue of gender violence,” he commented.

Ileana Rivera Gastelum, vice president of the Women Entrepreneurs section at the Guadalajara Chamber of Commerce, said that for there to be better salaries for women, it is necessary for men to be open.

“I believe that the challenge here is that in some way we collaborate with the men who are in power right now, to open these spaces and these opportunities so that women can demonstrate their capacity and based on that, be able to have better salaries. “, said

Both interviewees said that another of the main areas of work is to promote the gender agenda within business organizations and companies that allows women to access more positions in management committees and better positions in companies.

“We are looking to create more spaces so that more women within organizations and within companies can raise their hands and feel with those spaces for them and that those needs are met,” she commented.



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