Tuesday, 26 September 2023
EntertainmentBuy the song Love Javier Parisi digitally and immediately get an NFT

Buy the song Love Javier Parisi digitally and immediately get an NFT


Singer from Argentina, Javier Parisi recently released the song Love by Rinto Harahap. If you buy this song digitally, look forward to getting an exclusive NFT from Javier Parisi.

“The song Love is an extraordinary work that brings a magical touch to the classic song from The Mercy’s. Now, Javier Parisi’s version of the song Love can be easily found and purchased digitally via the IMProduction.io platform which is part of the Starchandise NFT Ecosystem,” said Yosano Ishaq, CEO of Starchandise.com in the release received by detikcom.

“More than just songs, users also get a unique experience with exclusive NFTs from Javier Parisi which will enrich their digital collections,” he said again.


Javier Parisi himself said that the song can be enjoyed all over the world. He also admitted that he was happy to be able to perform the song.

“Hi friends, I want to inform you that my song Love can be purchased digitally on the Improduction.io application and you can also get a special NFT from me and can get a free karaoke voucher from the grammy application,” said Javier Parisi on his Instagram.

The launch of the song Love was carried out online by Javier Parisi. Titled Lennon Fantasy, this event will be held by Grammy Music.tv together with WiseArt and Royal Prima Musikindo (RPM) on August 8 2023.

Indra Putra as founder of MYDIO Tech, added, NFT will be a copyright protector and something that can be used as collection material and that is good for the development of the world of music.

“This is good technology from web3 and blockchain combined with music,” said Indra Putra.

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