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Can Mexicana de Aviación now sell tickets? ASPA says not yet and explains why

MEXICO CITY (approx). – The general secretary of the Aviation Pilots Union Association (ASPA), Humberto Gual Ángeles, assured that the airline of the Mexican State of Aviation cannot sell tickets yet, but only reserve them.

On October 3, Mexicana announced the start of booking tickets to fly starting December 2 to 27 tourist destinations.

But as the information circulated as the start of ticket sales, the pilot clarified that this is due to challenges against the reforms to the Aviation and Airports laws.

“You can’t make the purchase yet, because they are waiting for something very important. In the Legislature there is the bill that is contested,” he indicated, within the framework of the beginning of the ASPA campaign With all due respect, let’s fly without violence, together with the Union Association of Aviation Flight Attendants (ASSA).

He explained that the government has full operation of the airports and an air transport company could be interpreted as a case of unfair competition. He recalled that the government presented the Civil Aviation and Airports Law to be able to operate them at the same time.

But, in July, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) admitted various challenges from opposition legislators.

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