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TechCan screenshots of other people's Instagram stories be discovered?

Can screenshots of other people’s Instagram stories be discovered?


One of the most interesting features in Instagrami.e Stories. Because people can share glimpses of their lives easily.

Just select the photo or video you want, then you can add gifs, music or filters as optional. Furthermore, the content will last for 24 hours from the time it is uploaded.

Quoted from Dexerto, Sunday (31/12/2023), this cool feature was not actually pioneered by Instagram. Previously, this short post was introduced by Snapchatthen the social media platform created by him Meta copied it and even gave it a similar name.



However, almost all social media currently have the same features. Some of them are certainly familiar to people’s ears, such as Telegram And TikTok.

However, as has been said, the validity period of Stories is not long. If it’s been 24 hours, the short video will automatically be transferred to the Instagram Archive.

Considering that posts can disappear after one day, you have thought about immortalizing them, right? Yes, you’re definitely itching to take a screenshot, but you’re hesitant because you’re afraid the story owner will find out.

Now The question is, when people screenshot Stories, will the content owner be notified by Instagram that we have done it? The answer is of course no.

The content owner will not know that we have taken a screenshot. They also won’t be notified by Instagram.

However, this feature was tested in 2018. However, at the moment there is no new information as to whether they plan to bring it back or not.

However, there are Instagram features that you need to pay attention to. Its name is Vanish Mode and is found in Direct Messages (DM). So when the user activates it, screenshot activity can be detected.

The notification will immediately appear in DM. This information can be known by both parties who are communicating.

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