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WorldCan you change parties?

Can you change parties?

The question has to do with the candidates’ desire to generate a change in the inclination to vote.

The campaigns have the objective of making themselves known to the electorate, in order to add votes in their favor in the next elections.

It’s adding and adding, and trying not to subtract. But the reality is that the undecided are still a large number, and often unquantifiable, because one day they say one thing and tomorrow they change their mind and say another. The perception that voters have of the parties, ideologies or even the personality of the candidates counts for a lot. And it is, to a certain extent, something variable and without a definitive anchor.

Although it must be recognized that whatever happens, those who are firmly married to a party or an ideological model are not going to change for any reason. They will go 100% with their ideas and nothing will make them change their position.

Experts say that this segment of the population is not going to change anything, with or without campaigns, their vote is defined from now on. It is the so-called hard vote. That in any case, there is a minimal possibility that things will change, if new aspects, falsehoods, lies or deceptions are discovered that, through a scandal, become an unquestionable fact. Which usually doesn’t happen.

So the central effort continues to be to go for the votes of the undecided, and convince those who are not interested in political participation at the polls.

There is also the possibility that those who are fully adept and convinced will go over to the side of abstainers and stop having interest in going to vote. Which can happen and something strange would also have to happen for this to happen.

The psychology of the undecided is very important to understand, because they are people who do not usually have much interest in politics, in democratic participation, and end up not being aware of much of what is happening in the country. But at the very moment, if they are willing to go and cast their vote on election day.

Leaders, if they are able to make people change their position, and with some reason, the emotions of affection, including the concept of love for the country, love for Mexico, can make changes happen in the direction they So far the surveys and statistics indicate.

Deep down in the heart and conscience, there is an intuition of what is true and what is false, of what is correct and what is not. And that is the bet you should bet on. Those who are undecided can define their vote if their emotions and affections indicate so.

There are a few months left until the elections in the presidential race, and the model of love and unity for Mexico is a sensitive proposal that can modify the position of the indifferent. We’ll see.


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