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Carlos Loret de Mola: 10 rounds for Tijuana, former boxer vs. mayoress

The novel of Morena contra Morena has many chapters. One of the most intense is experienced in Baja California. The protagonists: the controversial former governor Jaime Bonilla, friend and financier of President AMLO, and Marina del Pilar Ávila, the current governor. The first went so far as to accuse her successor of heading a drug trafficking cartel and she has responded with a string of corruption charges.

Then there are the secondary characters, who become more relevant as the plot progresses: the municipal president of Tijuana, Monserrat Caballero Ramírez, is from Bonilla’s group and is also in a dispute married to the governor to the point that she became famous for moving away. to a military barracks denouncing the unbearable insecurity in the Entity. How sour is the dispute between these two women that even during a visit, President López Obrador forced them to publicly hug each other.

The next round between these two morenistas is scheduled for 2024. Marina del Pilar and her husband Carlos Torres, central operator of her administration, are promoting the famous former world boxing champion, Erick “El Terrible” Morales, to seek the presidency municipal of Tijuana in the next elections, through Morena.

It is a clear challenge for the current mayor, since she has the opportunity to be re-elected. Under normal circumstances, the governor would support the re-election of a mayor from the same party as hers, especially if she is from the most important city in her state. Here she is playing the cons with an extremely popular character but who does not have Government experience.

To shore up their group strength, the Marina del Pilar-Carlos Torres couple has surrounded themselves with former PAN members such as Jorge Ramos and Gerardo Álvarez. And “Terrible” is supported by the controversial Lieutenant Colonel Julián Leyzaola, Secretary of Security of Tijuana in 2010, who seems interested in returning to that same arena.

Lawsuits between Morena against Morena exist in abundance in the country. But in this one in Baja California, the legendary cry applies better than in any other: there’s a shot!


Four days of crisis for Delfina Gómez. Everything was going under control in the first three months of her government, but between Friday and Tuesday, two blows to the Morenoist governor of the State of Mexico decomposed the panorama. On Friday, she botched the operation to arrest the PRI municipal president of Toluca (this is what this column was about yesterday). And on Tuesday, Higinio Martínez, a historical figure of PRD-Morena in Edomex and political godfather of teacher Delfina herself, left the cabinet. They say that the dispute was over the distribution of candidates for 2024: Horacio Duarte and Francisco Vázquez would be negotiating the positions, and Higinio was angry because they did not agree with him, even though it is presumed that he controls the local leadership of the party and the electorally juicy east of the State.


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