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WorldCartoonist Martí, one of the founders of 'El Víbora', dies

Cartoonist Martí, one of the founders of ‘El Víbora’, dies

The comic artist Marti Rieraone of the founders of the legendary magazine The Viperdied last Friday in Barcelona at the age of 68 as a result of cancer, as reported this Monday by the publishing house La Cúpula.

The cartoonist, born in Barcelona in 1955 and who signed his works as Martí, was considered one of the fathers of underground comics.

He published his first comics in prominent magazines of this genre such as select sting (1976) or The Roll Comics (1977) and later joined the group of authors who founded The Viperthe magazine that marked an entire era of comics in Spain between 1979 and 2005 in which prominent figures of the genre such as Max, Nazario, Miguel Gallardo and Juanito Mediavilla participated.

His most famous work is Cabbie, which began to be published in 1982, starring a taxi driver, Taxista Cuatroplazas, who becomes involved in a revenge against a family of criminals in the underworld of a seedy city. It was one of the few Spanish comics of the time translated into English.

This cult author also published his comics, always in black and white, in another of the legendary magazines of the time such as Makoki. In the 90s he moved away from the front line of the Martí comic world and in recent decades his production was limited to some collaborations in publications such as We are the dead either Lardin.

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