Thursday, 22 February 2024
WorldCCOO presents its alternative roadmap for the new network of nursery schools

CCOO presents its alternative roadmap for the new network of nursery schools

The Union CCOO has questioned the early childhood education network model designed by the Asturian Government, which will be launched at the beginning of the next school year in the month of September, and has asked that the stage from 0 to 3 years be one more and that both its management as that of the personnel who will provide their services depends on the Ministry of Education.

According to the union, for the 2024-25 academic year, 31 new nursery schools will be enabled that will cover the rural area and the wings of the region, including the four dependent on the Ministry of Social Rights and Welfare, which would maintain its current collected conditions.

In addition, to cover the new schools, 120 Early Childhood Education Technician positions will be created, vacancies that would be filled through the pool managed by the Public Service so that their integration will occur within the scope of the V Collective Agreement for the Labor Personnel and that the management of call pools or substitutions will depend on the General Directorate of Public Employment.

Faced with this, CCOO proposes creating a teaching body to integrate Early Childhood Education Techniques in group B of the Public Employee Statute with the exclusive management of personnel from the Ministry of Education and that in successive courses the different dependent schools would be integrated. of the town councils.

In addition, the union raises other demands related to the need to negotiate a reduction in the student ratio, guarantee the figure of the educational couple, staff training and improvements regarding economic management for the daily operation of each center.

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