Thursday, 28 September 2023
WorldCFE seeks to reinforce supply in Sonora with an investment of 433...

CFE seeks to reinforce supply in Sonora with an investment of 433 million pesos

The interruptions in the electricity supply in Sonora caused the Federal Electricity Commission to (CFE) allocates 433.48 million pesos to reinforce electrical infrastructure of the entity, they indicated Hugo Martinez Lendechydistribution manager of the northwest division of CFE and Hugo Alberto Nieblaresponsible for the dependency’s northwest commercial division.

With this amount, the CFE will seek to guarantee the electricity supply of 1.17 million Sonoran users.

During this year, the state of Sonora has experienced some power supply interruptions due to different factors, among which are a sandstorm in Zona Guaymas on July 20, strong winds and storm in the Navojoa Zone (July 26), Hurricane Hilary in the Hermosillo, Caborca ​​and San Luis Río Colorado Zones (August 19).

Vandalism and driver robbery in substation from Zona Nogales (August 20), underground registry vandalism in Zona Hermosillo (August 26) and strong winds and storm on the coast of Hermosillo and the Caborca ​​region (August 29).

“Any electrical system in the world is susceptible to interruptions, some attributable to the daily operation of the infrastructure and others external, such as meteorological phenomena, acts of vandalism, branches on lines and automobile mishaps, mainly,” CFE officials argued.

However, the agency that directs Manuel Bartlett ‘assumed’ that the average duration of supply interruptions decreased 71 percent by the end of 2022 compared to 2010, while the average frequency of interruptions decreased by 66 percent during the same analysis period.

Electricity bill will only increase with respect to inflation

CFE officials explained that the increases in domestic rates are due to the monthly adjustment factor carried out by the agency, but that at the end of the year, they will turn out to be lower than annual inflation.

Niebla Mendoza specified that the increases that have been generated in billings are due to increased consumption due to high temperatures registered but not at the rate.

He explained that a specific tariff support agreement has been established with the Sonora state government, which consists of applying the 1F tariff, from May to October, to all domestic users of the entity, regardless of the tariff at found by temperature ranges.

Regarding attention to billing complaints, in the state of Sonora Approximately 6.3 million receipts are issued annually for electricity consumption. in the domestic sector, while the complaints received as of August 2023 amount to 627, which represents less than 0.01 percent.

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