Thursday, 21 September 2023
World"Checo" improves in confidence and race pace

“Checo” improves in confidence and race pace

Red Bull driver Sergio Pérez from Guadalajara acknowledged that he has significantly improved his performance, race pace and confidence behind the wheel of his RB19, to the point of being on par with his teammate, Max Verstappen. During the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, Perez faced a particularly difficult challenge as he attempted to overtake the two Ferrari drivers and Mercedes’ George Russell.

“He had a very similar pace to Max throughout the weekend, it was a shame that we couldn’t show it in Q3, but I think it is the weekend after Miami that I have been closest in terms of confidence and pace, so it was quite positive,” commented the Mexican, who finished second in the Italian Grand Prix.

“Checo” recounted the intensity of the race at Monza and the tough battle he had to overtake the Ferrari drivers and Russell. His improvement on the track is evident, and his contribution to the Red Bull team is increasingly notable. in this exciting Formula 1 season.

“It was an intense fight with Carlos, with Charles, with George, especially the two Ferraris, when I had Carlos’s DRS it was very difficult to attack, I couldn’t do anything until I was finally able to overcome him and I was able to attack Carlos but they were very, very tough battles, because with this new generation of cars they put the car in the middle, it had nowhere to go and then it had to downgrade quite a bit., it had very good satellite dishes but in the end it was not enough; but overall happy because it was a good race, a clean race and I think we can do well,” said Pérez Mendoza.



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