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“Checo” Pérez finishes second and climbs to the podium of the Monza GP

MEXICO CITY ( driver Sergio “Checo” Pérez was back on the podium, finishing in second place, only behind Max Vertasppen in the Italian Grand Prix. Third place went to Carlos Sainz (Ferrari).

Sainz started solid at the Autodromo Nacional de Monza and maintained the overall lead of the race in the first lap, for his part, the Checo held fifth position. For the second lap, Verstappen held off Charles Leclerc (Ferrari), who was looking to keep second place.

On lap 14, the battle not only remained for the first three places, but also between then fourth place George Russell (Mercedes) and Sergio Pérez. Nobody gave a truce to be surpassed.

The moment that marked the final podium of the race occurred on lap 15, as Verstappen did not speculate and went on the attack to pass Sainz. The Ferraris could not contain the Dutchman’s attack. For his part, the Czech overtook Russell and placed fourth.

On lap 32, the Mexican made it clear that his goal was the podium and passed Leclerc to take third place. As the race progressed and with 15 laps remaining, Verstappen took over as the absolute leader with eight seconds ahead of Sainz.

Checo Pérez did not stop stepping on the accelerator and on lap 46 he placed second and, one lap later, he placed two seconds ahead of Sainz. Red Bull began to control the battle that was taking place at Monza. Advantage that the Swiss team no longer gave up.

After 51 laps, the Italian GP ended with Red Bull 1-2, with Verstappen in first place and Ferrari in third place with Sainz’s car. This second place keeps “Checo” Pérez in the fight for the drivers’ championship.

Drivers’ championship, first five places

Max Verstappen (Red Bull), 364 points.

Sergio Pérez (Red Bull), 219.

Fernando Alonso (Aston Martin), 170.

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), 16

Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), 117.

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