Thursday, 22 February 2024
IndiaChina : Missing for six months; Former Chinese Foreign Minister dead!...

China : Missing for six months; Former Chinese Foreign Minister dead! | leader

Washington, D.C. News Agency: US media has claimed that China’s former foreign minister Qin Gang, who has been missing for the past 6 months, is dead. According to these reports, Kin has either committed suicide or died due to extreme physical torture. (China)

Media organization ‘Politico’ reported this earlier. Two Chinese officials were also quoted in the news. Qin died in July at a military hospital in Beijing. He was close to Chinese President Xi Jinping, but was sacked as foreign minister in July over espionage allegations. He was also targeted for a love affair with a famous television presenter, according to a report in the ‘Wall Street Journal’. Qin was last seen on June 25.

There was a gang in Goa in May

Qin Gang participated on behalf of China in the foreign ministers’ meeting held in Goa in May. He was last seen on June 25 in a meeting with Russian, Sri Lankan and Vietnamese officials. When asked by the media on July 7 where Qin Gang is not seen, the Chinese Foreign Ministry replied that we do not have any information on that. On July 10 and 11, Qin was scheduled to attend a summit in Indonesia. The only information that appeared on the website of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs was that they would not come, after which Qin Gang has remained behind the scenes until today.

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