Tuesday, 17 May 2022
WorldChina's foreign trade progress of 7.9%

China’s foreign trade progress of 7.9%

AA / Beijing

China’s foreign trade increased by 7.9% on an annual basis at the rate of the first four years, driven by the amalgamation of the value of exports.

The general administration of China’s two countries declared itself in a communication in which foreign trade (total exports and imports) increased by 7.9% to reach 12.58 billion yuan ($ 1.98 billion).

At the first quarter of 2022, Chinese exports to foreigners increased by 10.3% on an annual basis to reach 6,970 billion yuan ($ 1,097 billion).

In return, the value of imports increased by 5% to reach 5,610 billion yuan ($ 883.4 billion).

China also recorded an increase in its commercial debut balance of 2022 just before April, at a value of $ 213.6 billion.

Analysts’ estimates did not indicate a large excess of excess, but a partial perturbation of exports due to coronavirus-induced closures in late April affecting the figures.

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