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China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier sails to the Pacific Ocean with a fleet of 7 pieces

In a statement released by the Ministry of Defense of Japan, Liaoning’s “Type 055” Nanchang destroyer, “Type 52D” Shining, Urumqi and Chingdu destroyers, “Type 52C” Cingcou destroyer, “Type 54A” Xiangtan frigate and “Type 901” were announced on May 2. It was stated that the Hulun Hu supply ship was cruising towards the Pacific Ocean from the area between Okinawa Island and Miyako Island in the East China Sea.

In the photo attached to the statement, it was seen that there were J-15 warplanes and Z-8 and Z-9 helicopters on the deck of Liaoning.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy Spokesperson Gao Shiuching confirmed the activity, stating that Liaoning “will conduct realistic war exercises off the western Pacific”.

Spokesperson Gao stated that the exercise was organized to increase the navy’s mission capability in accordance with the annual planning, the activity was carried out in accordance with international law and practices, and it did not target any other country.

It was noteworthy that Liaoning was assigned to the same region with a large fleet at a time when the US Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier fleet was on duty in the Philippine Sea.

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