Wednesday, 17 April 2024
IndiaChina's nuclear-armed submarine caught in a trap for another | leader

China’s nuclear-armed submarine caught in a trap for another | leader

Beijing; News Agency: 55 soldiers are feared dead in an accident involving a Chinese nuclear submarine. In the Yellow Sea, the submarine hit a Chinese-made chain and anchor, destroying the submarine’s oxygen system.

British and American submarines were supposed to be intercepted if they tried to enter the area, so the barrier was a maze set up by China, and China unfortunately got caught in it. China had installed chains and anchors in the area. However, his own submarine got stuck in this trap. 6 hours were expected to repair the failure of the oxygen system. In the meantime, the oxygen in the submarine was depleted and everyone in the submarine died of suffocation. The dead included Captain Colonel Joo Yong-peng and 21 officers. However, the Chinese authorities have not yet confirmed the report given by the ‘Daily Mail’ about this incident which happened at the end of August.

Earlier in August 2000, a Russian nuclear submarine exploded, killing 118 sailors. Russia initially denied the news.

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