Friday, 22 September 2023
WorldChinese company Baidu makes AI-powered chatbot 'Ernie Bot' publicly available

Chinese company Baidu makes AI-powered chatbot ‘Ernie Bot’ publicly available

Hong Kong. Chinese search engine and artificial intelligence (AI) company Baidu made its language model, equivalent to ChatGPT, fully available to the public on Thursday. With this announcement of the company, its share price increased by more than three percent. Beijing sees artificial intelligence as a key industry to rival the United States and aims to become a global leader in the field by 2030.

After the introduction of the famous ChatGPT by the American company Open-AI, Chinese technology companies have also jumped into the race to unveil their own AI models in which new content can be created with the help of algorithms. Baidu said on Thursday that Ernie Bot is fully available to the general public through an official website and an app that until now was only available in China’s app stores.

Ernie the bot provides text and images in response to questions and prompts given by users. The free Ernie Boat app topped the charts in Apple’s iOS store in China as of Thursday afternoon. According to Baidu CEO Robin Li, by making the model public, Baidu will be able to gauge real-world public response at scale.

Like Europe, China has made efforts in recent months to regulate the generative AI industry. There is currently no regulation in the US. China issued AI regulations on August 15, requiring companies to obtain security reviews and approvals before publicly rolling out their products.

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