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SportsChivas: How many titles does Guadalajara have?

Chivas: How many titles does Guadalajara have?

Chivas is the most popular team in Mexico and history gives us plenty of reasons to justify it. Furthermore, the numbers also back it up by placing it as one of the most successful in the country, but how many titles does it have?

This Sunday, May 8, Chivas celebrates 116 years of history, 116 years in which it has won everything in Liga MX, but not only that, because in other Cup competitions, and outside the country, it has also established itself.

The team that was founded on May 8, 1906, and in 1908 began its participation in the Western League, in which it managed to win 13 titles, being one of the most successful in the history of the competition. However, what he counts is what he did from 1943, when his participation in the Major League began, in which he got his first crown in 1957.

In what was known as the highest category of Mexican professional soccer, the First Division of Mexico, it has been one of only two teams to have participated in every tournament. In terms of titles, currently ranks second with 12 (corresponding to the tournaments 1956-1957, 1958-1959, 1959-1960, 1960-1961, 1961-1962, 1963-1964, 1964-1965, 1969-1970, 1986-1987, Verano 1997, Apertura 2006 and Clausura 2017) .

Also has four Copa MX titles (tournaments 1962-1963, 1969-1970, Apertura 2015, and Clausura 2017); seven of Champion of Champions (tournaments 1956-1957, 1958-1959, 1959-1960, 1960-1961, 1963-1964, 1964-1965, 1969-1970); and one from Supercopa MX (2015-2016).

At an international level, Chivas has won twice the Concacaf Champions Cup (1962 and 2018), and was runner-up in the Copa Libertadores de América in 2018.

Altogether, Chivas It has 26 titles in official competitions.

Titles Amount
MX League
MX Cup
MX Super Cup
Champion of Champions
Concacaf Champions Cup




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