Thursday, 26 May 2022
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Chivas: Jesús Angulo is operated on; announce how long he would be out

After he was injured during the Reclassification game Chivas against Cougars, Jesus Angle was operated on this day and It is estimated that he will be out of court for the next three months.

This was reported by the medical services of Guadalajara after giving details about the situation of the Sinaloa soccer player.

“The injury is a fracture in the fibula, which is one of the bones that makes up the leg just above the ankle (…) this means that above the ankle the bone is broken derived from the fall of the rival goalkeeper in the match held at the Akron Stadium”.

“We perform an osteosynthesis with a plate: a plate is placed and fixed with screws, this helps us to join the two fragments and generate a better bone callus and the fracture can heal better. The prognosis is 12 weeks so that he can play a competitive match,” Chivas medical services reported.


This is how Jesús Angulo will no longer be able to have activity in this Clausura 2022, and possibly miss the start of the next tournament since this year’s Apertura kicks off in early July.

With this loss, Chivas is preparing to face the Quarter Finals of the tournament against Atlas, who is the current champion of the mexican soccer and one of the greatest sporting rivals of the Flock.




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