Thursday, 26 May 2022
SportsChivas: Paco Ramírez says that the Flock should not go crazy

Chivas: Paco Ramírez says that the Flock should not go crazy

With the experience of having directed both the Atlas like to Guadalajara, Francis Ramirez considers that the quarter-final series between red and white and red and black It’s still open to either side.

In this regard, even though the Foxes took a slight lead by winning 2-1 at Akron Stadium, the experienced strategist considers that the Herd must be calm in order to overcome and advance to the Semifinals.

“It’s a match where Chivas has possibilities as long as they do an intelligent job, since they can’t go crazy because they have a very structured team like Atlas, with a lot of skill. But it’s kill or be killed, so Chivas has to work the game in the best way, annul the rival and then hurt him”.

“The field of Jalisco It is a scenario that Chivas knows perfectly well, it is not a visitor, and I think that after what was seen on Thursday night, Atlas’ way of playing is very clear, and on that they have to work”Ramirez commented.

During his coaching career, Ramírez managed Guadalajara in 2009, and in 2016 he took the reins of Atlas as an interim to replace Gustavo Costas.

It will be this Sunday at 6:00 p.m. when Chivas enter the Jalisco Stadium in search of reversing the global score to be able to access the next phase of the contest.




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