Saturday, 21 May 2022
SportsChivas: Piojo Alvarado puts the Flock as a candidate for the title

Chivas: Piojo Alvarado puts the Flock as a candidate for the title

With high spirits due to the good closing of the team in Clausura 2022, Roberto Alvarado had no problem putting the Chivas as one of the candidates for the title in this Liga MX tournament.

For the “Piojo”, the Chivas have everything to be able to transcend in the fight for the championship, but the striker warned that for now they should only have their sights set on the Repechage next Sunday against Cougars.

“From the beginning I saw Chivas as a strong candidate for the title. At first things didn’t work out for us, but now that we’re closing in the best way for me, Chivas is a team of great quality. We have come from less to more and now I think that the most important thing is this match that comes from the Repechage. We can’t think about the four games we’ve already played, nor be thinking about the Liguilla either. This game on Sunday is the most important thing and we have to think about it because if we don’t win the tournament is over”, he commented.

will be the Next Sunday at 7:15 p.m. when Chivas receives Pumas on the field of the Akron Stadium, this to dispute the pass to the Quarterfinals of the Closing Tournament 2022.

In that match, El Rebaño will try to get back into the Mexican soccer league, since during the last two tournaments the red-and-white team has been eliminated in the duel for Reclassification.




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