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SportsChivas: Reasons why the Flock could eliminate the Atlas

Chivas: Reasons why the Flock could eliminate the Atlas

Although they fell in the First Leg game and are forced to come back if they want to qualify for the Semifinals, the Chivas They have football arguments to believe that they can eliminate Atlas this Sunday on the field of the Jalisco Stadium.

Beyond the fact that Guadalajara was handcuffed in the first part of the duel against the Foxes, the second half was very revealing for the team led by Ricardo Cadena, since the entry of soccer players like midfielder Sergio Flores changed his face to some Chivas that had not had depth.

Also, when Chivas he decided to play with a center forward by tradesuch is the case of José Juan Macías, el Rebaño managed to be a constant threat on the outskirts of the goal protected by Camilo Vargas.

In addition to this, Guadalajara could use a resource that it left in oblivion during this duel, since midrange shot looks like a valuable weapon to try to harm those led by Diego Cocca.

In this First Leg Game, Fernando Beltrán was the one who took the first shot on goal, and he did so after 40 minutes of the first half, just when Atlas already had a 2-0 lead on the scoreboard.

Regarding the red and white defense, which was outplayed at times, this duel could be a match for Antonio Briseño, since “Pollo” is a specialist in the aerial game and this could give Chivas good dividends considering that Julio Furch was successful against the chiverío in the air duels.

The series was uphill for Chivas, but this first game should help Cadena to make some adjustments to his starting 11 to help him find security in defense and alternatives to attack.

To know

Although he came out with discomfort in Ida’s duel, Alexis Vega is in good condition to play in the Vuelta.

The data

It will be this Sunday, May 15 at 6:00 p.m. when the initial whistle of the Vuelta match will be given on the field of the Jalisco Stadium.




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