Thursday, 26 May 2022
SportsChivas: They put Marcelo Bielsa as a candidate to lead the Flock

Chivas: They put Marcelo Bielsa as a candidate to lead the Flock

In order to dispute the Repechage in view of Cougars this coming Sunday, in the orbit of Chivas The possibility of a new change of coach has begun to sound, since the Argentine press has reported that the Guadalajara have the desire to bring Marcelo Bielsa as your new strategist for the Opening 2022.

As reported by the South American journalist Cesar Luis Merlothe rojiblanco club would have already expressed its desire to the renowned Argentine coach, however, he would still be analyzing the team’s environment to evaluate the possibility of entering into negotiations.

Bielsa and one of his assistants analyze videos with recent matches of Chivasto find out what kind of players they have, detect the needs of the squad and decide if the team has the necessary characteristics to apply the desired game system”.

“As is your custom, Bielsa did not give a deadline to respond Chivas, so the Mexican leadership knows that it will not be able to rush the hiring. You will have to wait for ‘Crazy’ finish his analysis so that he is the one who decides whether to start a negotiation or reject the offer, ”the journalist from media such as TyC Sports wrote about it.

At the moment, the Guadalajara will dispute the Closing Final Phase 2022 after Richard Chain got four wins in a row.




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