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WorldChivas vs. America: A Heartless National Classic

Chivas vs. America: A Heartless National Classic

Chivas and América gave away a match with few emotions, as a result of a team was in charge of getting a draw that benefits them, so the intensity up front was not shown; while, the other lacked clarity when defining.

For Pepe del Bosque, commentator on TNT Sports and expert in tactical analysis, the Águilas were obliged and their tactical stoppage was very similar to what they experienced in Pachuca in the quarterfinals, highlighting that if the idea worked, it was because the Flock was not overwhelming.

“Just as it happened against the Tuzos, today against Chivas América was obliged, although the draw is a good result for Jardine’s team.”

“The first half in Pachuca was much worse than today, of course, but the feeling is that Chivas today has been more plugged in in the first 45, although it was not brilliant or forceful,” said Del Bosque.

For its part, He commented that Guadalajara made mistakes that could cost them in the return due to the scoring opportunities they missed, and that he also played to the limit due to the non-expulsion of Fernando “Oso” González in the tackle on Brian Rodríguez.

“Gago’s men did not translate their slight superiority on the scoreboard in the first half, ‘Oso’ González surely should have been sent off and Valdes and Alvarado They missed the clearest chances in the second half. In a scenario of many divided balls, it is not surprising that Alan Mozo has stood out for his speed, energy and impetus,” said Pepe.


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