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Chivas vs Atlas: Athlete mom goes with her rojiblanco son to the Clásico

To her They named her Margarita for the daisies of the Atlas, but his son turned out to be a chivista. With an Atlas shirt that contrasted with the Chivas one, Margarita and Diego attended the Clásico between Chivas and Atlas at the Akron Stadium.

Since she was a child, Margarita goes to the Atlas: “Since I can remember I have been an athlete. My dad named me Margarita for the daisies of the Atlas”.

But Diego leaned towards his father’s family, who goes to Chivas, the fan told the Academy.

Diego differed and said that his team is the best, although what he wants is to have fun in tonight’s duel. “I’m about six years old and I’m going to Chivas, which I remember because almost all of my dad’s family likes this team. She came out ‘crooked’ my mom, “she shared between laughs.

Despite these team differences, Margarita was the one who took him to his first game a couple of years ago: a Chivas-Veracruz.

“I always like to respect him. We laugh but we don’t disrespect each other,” he said.. “Once we came to the stadium, we were both watching the game, supporting, enjoying, so it’s nice to have a mother who likes soccer even if she’s not on the same team,” added Diego.



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